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Supporting global lenders and investors every step of the way. 

We support our investors and lenders to protect billions of pounds of investment. We're a trusted servicing partner who is experienced at mitigating risk.

  • Technology- led for faster invocations

    We integrate with the lender’s technology for instant access to real-time live data.

  • Unrivalled expertise

    Our dedicated team supports hundreds of lenders across the world. Whatever problems you face, we’re here to help.

  • End-to-end protection

    From the initial pre-funding audits through to capital market verification, we offer multiple layers of reassurance.

We’re revolutionising lending. Experience progress with Lenvi.


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Managing an invocation is not straight-forward.

To guarantee success you need to work with trusted and experienced teams.

At Lenvi our standby servicing and capital markets team are experienced at running successful invocations.

Let us share this expertise with you and your teams. Join us for a free tailored insights consultation.

We'll cover everything from what exactly is standby servicing to how to deliver a successful invocation.

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"We were impressed with Lenvi’s ability to hit the ground running and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Throughout the 30-day invocation process, they provided us with reassurance that our investment was secure. The fact they were fully operational just a week after the start of the invocation process was impressive. 

Throughout the process, Lenvi’s first-class communication with ourselves and the borrowers was comprehensive and reassuring, allowing for the early identification of issues and swift solutions. The company’s in-depth expertise about the invocation process, together with their reliable platforms, make them a partner that can be trusted. We look forward to working with Lenvi again.”

Invoked investor and Lenvi client


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We have decades of experience in supporting lenders and investors. Lenvi is here to protect your investment every step of the way.